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    Advance Technologies LLC
    Certified diversity supplier that provides IT Staff Augmentation and IT Consulting services
    to our clients around the globe.
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    Offering the right solution at the right time.
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    Performance Guarantees and Right-to-hire options.

Our Vision

Advance Technologies operates its business with a vision to be the principal IT consulting firm for global corporates, respected for our in-depth knowledge, unleash the potential of technology and be profitable in the business we operate in. Our vision describes our aspiration for the future.

Principal IT consulting firm, means we have the scale and scope to do things others cannot. Our size allows us to operate more efficiently, and leverage resources and technologies across the globe. It also gives us the global infrastructure to operate in regions that are not accessible to smaller companies, as well as stronger relationships with customers and suppliers. The company's knowledge based services, gives us competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Respected means our stakeholders see our management through our focus on economic success, innovation healthy financial performance. As the most respected company, our actions will be driven by what we stand for. Our commitment to sustainability and simplicity will drive our focus to long-term commitment to our clients as well as the interests of all of our stakeholders.

Unleashing the potential of technology begins with uniting innovative thoughts, people, processes, clients, and deliverables, resulting in a satisfied and growing clientele.

Profitable begins with offering intelligent services. It means we work securely, win value based clients, nurture the clients wisely, maintain our margins through business cycles and through it all, and offer quality products and services to our customers that others cannot.