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Staff Augmentation

Advance Technologies helped hundreds find the perfect jobs with the best companies. We are an industry leader in providing the highest quality, most cost-effective contract staffing and placement services in the fields of Information Technology.

We provide the solution to your project needs when

» The project lies beyond your core competency. Is there a new application that would fit your needs but you don’t have anyone on staff with the know-how to use it? Put one of our experienced specialists in your shop to give your employees “on-the-job” training using the new skills in real-world contexts that are essential to your business. When your employees have become self-sufficient, we shall step back.

»  Reduce Cost - On average, about 60% of an employee’s time is truly productive (considering 2 weeks paid vacation, 5 sick days, 4 personal days, admin meeting, training etc.,). For projects that have definite beginnings and ends, many of our larger clients (who can track such costs) tell us that they save money by using contractors. Clients get virtually 100% productivity from Advance Technologies contractors.

»  Many businesses have peaks and valleys in their workload. Using contract professionals enables you to respond quickly as needs come and go. At Advance Technologies, we can fill your needs in a fraction of the time it would take you to advertise, interview, and test applicants. What’s more, when your need tapers off or your project ends, you simply let your Advance Technologies contractor go. We can deliver expert individuals and teams — all are prescreened to fit the technical and personal competencies you defined.

 » Alternative resources dedicated to other projects

»  24-48 hour turnaround of qualified candidates for interviews.

»  Strategic Account Manager that focuses on your industry and corporate culture provides a single line of communication resulting in the delivery of quality, continuity in service, and accountability